Welcome to the world little one

Cause, as they say, it’s all down hill from here. Your best days are behind you. Oh wait, that’s actually not until after college or marriage or death or something.

Behold the beauty of Sydney Elizabeth Bashford. Not being a baby person and cynical by nature it was a little unnerving to have my heart melt about 3.4 degrees after seeing my niece. I might have even gotten slightly giddy and possibly had a delicate tear develop in the corner of my eye.? I say might, you won’t ever hear me cop to that.

She’s amazing though, so tiny and whatnot. Born a month early and over Memorial Day (I kept telling Big Sis Oyster she had to hold on until Labor Day for irony’s sake) Syd’s the latest edition to the Oyster clan.

I raise a drink to toast. 19.5 inches long, 6.5 lbs. and a redhead. And she sleeps. On a side note I believe she was named after superagent Sydney Bristow but I can’t say for certain. Here’s how the conversation went:

Sly Oyster: So you named her Sydney. That’s a great name. Did you name her after the Alias chick?

BSO: Um, well we were thinking about naming her Sydney Veronica Bashford, but I think naming her after two television show characters would be kinda weird.? [a beat] Just kidding.? We just liked the name Sydney.? And we weren’t really gonna give her Veronica for a middle name.

[an awkward moment of silence]

Sly Oyster: Yeah.? Cause that may be a little weird. But I like that Veronica Mars, she’s a spunky one.

Without further ado!

She’s so squishy.

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  • glynner May 30, 2007, 10:28 pm

    how cute! ok, now we need to get her started on listening to some good music.