#17 will hang from the rafters

The last time the Boston Celtics won an NBA Championship was in 1986.? I was just old enough to remember it but not old enough to appreciate or understand it.? This time around though, the organization gave the city a team they could be proud of.? High on character guys and hard workers and certainly talent.

It was immensely satisfying to watch the Celtics blowout the Lakers, really they snuffed them out like an insignificant bug, last night 131-92.? There is nothing more wonderful than watching your team play it’s most complete and best game of basketball for all four quarters during their final game of the season.

And to be honest, this wouldn’t nearly have been worth it, had I not stuck around and rooted for them during tankapalooza last year, the Rick Pitino era, the original tankapalooza when they hired M.L. Carr as a head coach and lost out on Tim Duncan, watched Reggie Lewis and Len Bias die, and had the Finals MVP Paul Pierce almost taken from us as well when he was stabbed at a night club in 2000.

It’s been a long and bumpy ride as a Celtics fan for the past 10-15 years and last night was pure gravy.? Great way to end a great year for Boston sports.? Had you told me the Patriots would be the ones to crap the bed this year I woulda laughed.? As it is, it’ll be nice to savor this and then sorta nice to half-heartedly ignore sports for a bit until the baseball homestretch and the NFL regular season starts.

I need a break.

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