A close look at the Boston accent

People always seem surprised when I tell them I’m from Boston (inside 128 gives me that privilege outside 128 no can do you have to tell people you’re from Massachusetts or the town you were raised in, sorry that’s the rules), born and essentially raised in a city just outside of Boston.

Because when I open my mouth there is some weird mismash of dialects working to obscure my home city.? I’ve had people ask if I was Canadian (enough times to actually think I may be from there!?!), from the midwest, the south but rarely if I am from Boston.? So they are surprised to find I am amongst the most common-type of proud Masshole.

It’s a mystery as to how this happened – possibly picking up words from here or there while traveling since I love language and its myriad uses or perhaps it was a conscious effort since the Boston accent conveys a sense of under-educated intellect.? Before you harp on me for elitism, in college I decided that it would be best to sound as intelligent as possible going forward.? It had more to do with preventing bias than anything else.

The language and dialects in New England is a treasure, it’s like understanding a foreign language and if you speak the code it doesn’t matter for you’ll be accepted.? This past week, WBUR aka “Radio Boston” broadcast an episode exploring the various accents of the greater Boston area.? Reporter David Boeri, he of Channel 5 fame (is he still with them?) worked on the piece.

I would love to see Boeri explore the accents of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut.? They are all unique and to the untrained ear all sound vaguely familiar.? [via]

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