Apartment remodelled into Star Trek quarters

Some Trekkies go to conventions, some just watch the shows, some even learn to speak Vulcan.? But Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK resident Tony Alleyne went one step further and remodelled his entire apartment to resemble the living quarters from Star Trek Voyager.


Visitors are greeted by Capt. Jean Luc Picard saying, “Welcome to the 24th century.”

How does one go about transforming their entire living space into space-worthy? It takes some serious motivation. After his wife left in 1994, Alleyne needed a project to keep his hands and mind busy.

In late 1997, Alleyne set out to create his ultimate bachelor pad. Since the local Home Depot doesn?t have a sci-fi section, Alleyne had to handcraft everything himself. However, most of the materials used in the construction can be found at almost any home improvement store.

Nearly three years ago, Alleyne began work on the ?Star Trek: Voyager? re-fit of the apartment. ?I decided that I would apply a harder luxury interior,? he says. ?I have always considered that of all the Starfleet ships, Voyager is, in terms of interior, the luxury liner of the galaxy.? Alleyne then added shades of grey and incorporated aluminum inlays as featured in and around the Voyager ship. ?I also added some pretty cool LCARS [Library Computer Access and Retrieval System] and some new lighting effects.?

The DIY ethos even led Alleyne to begin his own design company.? The name: 24th Century Design, of course! [via]

Beam up for some more before and after pics.





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