Ballet dancing to the Pixies

Growing up my sister was a very dedicated ballet dancer, even went to college for it.? It was one of the many things she excelled at.? Still, that didn’t change my appreciation or lack thereof for the type of athleticism, skill and dedication it takes to be a successful dancer.? Hell, getting dragged to her recitals every year all I would hope for was a few good numbers, maybe a great tune and something unexpected.

But I was never fortunate enough to get The Pixies.? Maybe only now, years removed from adolescence can I appreciate the video below.? And look back and understand the beauty of ballet and how my ennui as a child ruined what it was my sister was accomplishing.? Or maybe it’s just The Pixies are that wonderful.? Or maybe I secretly liked watching the ballerinas and that’s why I kept going back year after year, like a pervy 12 year-old Degas.? Regardless, more dance companies should make use of non-traditional music.? Well, non-traditional for ballet anyways.


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