Bar tricks that’ll buy you drinks

Wired has a break down of three bar tricks sure to impress some sucker into buying you a drink.? This of course, doesn’t apply to women since they never have to buy their own drinks anyway.? Unless you’re with me.? Equality foos.


The Cork Stand
The challenge: Drop a wine cork so it lands upright. The barfly’s secret: Hold the cork horizontally and drop it from a height 1.5 times its length. Almost every time (don’t bet the house on this), one end of the cork will strike the table first. Its rotational momentum will be just great enough to make it pivot 90 degrees on the hop and stick the landing like an Olympic gymnast.

Beer Money
Bottle openers are first-class levers, but all you really need to crack a beer is a dollar bill. Fold the buck in half and roll it tightly like a cigarette. Then fold it in half again to create a sharp corner. Hold the open end between your thumb and index finger. Grip the bottle’s neck with your other hand to act as a fulcrum. Stick the corner under the lip of the cap and pop. You’ll need substantial finger strength, but the payoff is free beer. And you can leave your lever as a tip.

Playing With Fire
Whiskey and flames make this the Snake River Canyon of bar stunts. First, bet your buddies you can pick up a shot glass with the flat palm of your hand, no cupping. Then fill said glass about halfway with 100-proof well whiskey (80 proof won’t do) and set it ablaze. Press your palm firmly over the mouth of the glass: The flame dies instantly and the resulting vacuum seals the glass to your hand. Lift. Celebrate your feat with a (now free) single malt.

Also: If you really want to impress and get into that super exclusive club that’s so hard to get into, well, the good guys over at Hybrid Nation have you covered with a video showing you how to do just that.? Two words: just DJ.

Cuz, you need a place to show off those fancy new tricks.

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  • Mike Belgrove March 28, 2008, 7:23 am

    I’m gonna try the trick with the beer bottle today right after work!