Behind the scenes on election night and what now?

A little late on this.  You’ll have to forgive me.  But on election night, Obama for America campaign photographer David Katz shot some wonderful behind the scenes photos of Barack Obama, Joe Biden and their families watching the election results come in from their hotel room in Chicago.

The Big Picture also has some amazing photos of Obama on the campaign trail.  It’s hard not to crystalize that night, that singular moment in time for what it was.  I hope that feeling is not forgotten soon, because unlike dead rockstars, Obama actually has to deliver.  That is, he’s become the inverse of dead rockstars.  We mythologize Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, et. al. because they never had the opportunity to suck. The same goes for JFK and his brother RFK.

The easy part for Obama is over.  He’s won; his “now what moment” a la Dustin Hoffman at the end of The Graduate has already occurred, or if it hasn’t then he has very little time to actually have that kind of moment.  The only downside to giving people hope and running on a campaign of positive change is that there is the pressure to actually deliver it.  Most historians wouldn’t revere James K. Polk if he hadn’t accomplished what he said he would during his one and only term as US President.  That is the reality Obama is facing.

Will everyone who supported Obama still be dreamy-eyed if he doesn’t deliver the change we need and want?  And furthermore how is he going to drown out the buzz of advice from know-it-alls like Al Gore on climate change, Mark Cuban on entrepreneurs, or the American food policy.  It’s probably not the end of people trying to advise him as he ushers America into the promise of it’s fourth republic.

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