Did Joe the Plummer hook up with Kristen Wiig?

God I hope not.  That thought would ruin election night for me, the two of them together last Saturday at SNL’s wrap party.

“Joe [the Plumber] got buttonholed by Ben Affleck’s agent (Patrick-something from Endeavor, I think?) There was some serious talk about Joe appearing as the star on the next season of The Bachelor. Whether McCain wins or loses, believe me, Joe Wurzelbacher has already come out a winner.

“But as night wore on to early morning, Joe finally got some “quality” alone time with a certain female cast member. I’m not that familiar with the show, but I know it wasn’t Tina Fey or Amy Poehler. The skinny brunette, I think it was. Kirsten, maybe? Joe’s got good taste: she’s definitely hotter in person. And judging by her taste in plumbers, maybe a closet Republican. … Politics sure makes strange bedfellows! (I ran into Joe this morning at the hotel – see picture – and ever the gentleman, he refused to reveal more than his mile-wide grin.)”

Joe the Plumber is the worst, Kristen Wiig is slowly going there with the nose job and now this.  She used to be the best.  [Politico]

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