Donuts and Bacon in 2008

Had enough of the election yet?  I think, aside from true political junkies, most people are ready to vote now and get the election over with.  It seems like everywhere I go (grocery shopping, the bar, the movie theater, back to the bar, the liquor store, etc.) people are like “hey let’s get this election over with so I can get back to fantasy football,” and I’m all like “fine by me since I’ve already sent in my ballot.”  Anyway, I’ve had this conversation with about a dozen or so people this past weekend alone.

Which is to say that had I known that Donuts/Bacon were running in 2008 on the Food ticket I would have voted for them instead.  Truly all political parties: whether Dem or Repub, whether fascist or socialist, progressive or conservative, Bull Moose or Whig can get behind this duo.  So tasty.

You can buy the shirt from Zazzle.  (via those adorable bacon loving peeps at YBNBY)

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