Escalation of Russia-Georgia war hits the beach

If only all conflicts could be settled in bikinis on the beach by attractive women.? One would think the supposed ceasefire between Russia and Georgia would ease tensions between the two countries, enough so that they could have a friendly match during Olympic Beach Volleyball.? Ah, but the match only heightened the tension.

Unfortunately for the Russians, Georgia decided to import their players from Brazil, which is like beach volleyball capital of the world.? That’s just low.

?We were not playing against the Georgian team today,? sniffed Natalia Uryadova after losing 12-15 in the third and deciding set. ?We were playing against the Brazilian team. If they are Georgian, they would have been influenced [by the war], but certainly they are not.?

Alexandra Shiryaeva, her slightly less sulky team-mate, quickly tired of comparisons between the match and geopolitics.?There was no politics in this game – these girls are Brazilian. I don?t suppose they even know who the Georgian president is,? she said.

Oh snap!? As if killing peace keepers and civilians weren’t enough.? But they’re right.? Beach volleyball is no place for geopolitics, especially when it’s so difficult to ascertain exactly what the hell is going on in South Ossetia.

[Minor aside: Yes, Russia is being painted as the bad guy by the traditional media since Georgia is a pro-USA democracy.? But none of the reports have parsed what exactly brought on the tension between the two countries and how South Ossetia, a breakaway republic for the past 20 years,? fits into that tension. Can anyone explain?]

But back to the war at the nets.? The two Georgian players have only visited the country twice!? Twice!? They promise to visit the country after the Olympics to say thanks because the two were drafted by President Saakashvili’s wife, who’s an avid beach volleyball player.

Doesn’t this trivialize the Olympics?? I mean would it be fair if the US offered citizenships to Kenyan runners?? Or began importing Chinese table tennis players?? When the spirit of the Olympics (which includes fighting wars during the games) is compromised by offering athletic positions to more dominating players from other countries than what’s the freakin’ point.? I get that even professional athletes compromises the Olympic Spirit, but this takes things to a new low.

Hope you’re happy Georgia.

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  • Alexander August 13, 2008, 11:00 pm

    It is strange, but I don’t see on CNN site any info about the significant US forces which entered into Persian Gulf. I guess that the target is Iran and blocking of the gulf exit, which provides 40% of the US oil import. What if the georgian operation in South Ossetia was conducted just to distract attention from the US own actions against Iran? As I understand in the nearest days we will see that Iran attacked the US forces in the Persian Gulf and the US forces had to react bombing Iran (the real sequence of actions will be hidden again). If you are the US citizen you should refuel all your cars and additional volumes, because the fuel prices will fly into the sky.

  • khunsuphot August 13, 2008, 8:56 pm

    i am sorry rusian

  • James Furbush August 13, 2008, 4:02 pm

    I know this will sound naive, well first off thanks Alexander for the background, but one would think this history would not be overlooked by journalists or politicians. I guess context doesn’t fit in with CNN’s pretty pictures and soundbites.

  • ?????? August 13, 2008, 3:50 pm

    Alexander, thank you for this piece of truth in so unfair world of western mass media!

  • Alexander August 13, 2008, 2:58 pm

    “Yes, Russia is being painted as the bad guy by the traditional media since Georgia is a pro-USA democracy. But none of the reports have parsed what exactly brought on the tension between the two countries and how South Ossetia, a breakaway republic for the past 20 years, fits into that tension. Can anyone explain?”
    I think the US citizens don’t like long story that may give a clue to the root of conflict. The story for CNN is short: the US supports united Georgia, while some separatists in South Ossetia prevent the president Bush and Saakashvili to be happy. Georgia president started operation to unite Georgia, while Russians pushed the georgian army out of South Ossetia. President Bush and Saakashvili are unhappy. But there are some facts that history tells about South Ossetia. There was no such meaning as South Ossetia and North Ossetia before this people and territory become a part of Soviet Union. The was Georgia, Ossetia (united), Abkhazia and some other pieces of the land in Caucasus with different people living on the territories. In Soviet Union period Stalin (born in Gori, Georgia) divided the territory of Ossetia to South and North Ossetia . The North Ossetia stayed the part of Russia, while South Ossetia was attached to Georgia Republic. Many years of peacefull life in the Soviet Union the was no any conflicts between Gorgia Republic and South Ossetia, because the was one USSR. Can you imagine any conflicts between Georgia and Florida states in the US? You know this is non-sense. But after USSR split into 15 independent republics in the borders of USSR republics it become clear that South Ossetia is artificial attached to Georgia and people of Ossetia does not want anymore to be divided between russian and georgian countries, because this was artificial split during USSR times. South Ossetia wants at least independence from Georgia like it was thousand years before. And as a maximum the reunification with North ossetia. Unfortunately to Mr. Bush North Ossetia is a part of Russia. In 1992 South Ossetia declared independence and georgian army tried to return control over South Ossetia back with much of blood. That time Russia prevented Georgia from attacking South Ossetia. Since that time Russian peacekeepers stayed in South Ossetia and they were thin border between georgian forces and army of South Ossetia.
    Several years ago Georgia agreed to place the international pipes for oil and gas in its country, which are controlled by BP. The US has the interest to control the routes of distribution of oil and gas, so the US forced Saakashvili to be a president of Georgia, armed his army with a lot of weapon, trained his army by the US instructors and now fully supports any military initiatives of Saakashvili. At 0:15am (at night) of August 8, 2008 the georgian army started attack on South Ossetia and first of all on its capital from all kinds of heavy weapon including tanks, aircraft bombs, uncontrolled rockets ‘Grad’ (I hope everyone saw the attack, because CNN was invited to look at the work of georgian forces attack). In this night attack over 1,500 citizens of South Ossetia were killed, including several peacekepers from Russia. Russia responded. It entered with heavy weapon 12-14 hours later after start of the georgian attack between 12am to 2 pm in August 8, 2008. Since that time CNN started to show “attack” of Russian forces to Georgia, including night attack of Georgia to South Ossetia. If Russia did not entered to South Ossetia, the US citizens never known that more than 1,500 were killed that night by georgian forces. Now Mr. Bush fully supports Mr. Saakashvili, he wants russian forces to run away from South Ossetia and eventually forget about killed people. Maybe Mr. Saakashvili will eventually make another attempt like in the computer game when the “game is over” after he rearm his army with new weapon from the Ukrain or the US. Just press any key to start new game from the beginning. And kill another 1500-2000 to make the presidents happy. First attempt was a mistake.