Fancy lunches

My mom made my lunches for me right up until the end of middle school for me and then I bought school lunch.  She never made anything quite like the lunches in this Flikr photo set. In case you’re wondering that’s Wall-E made out of some delicious combination.

The set includes several inspired and probably healthy lunch choices all created by AnnaTheRed.  My advice to Anna’s boyfriend is don’t let her go.  Otherwise she may get a call an email a text a comment left on her blog poked on Facebook, you know I may just kick old school 1950’s and show up all stalkery at her house.

But seriously, her website on food art is one in a million and I can’t get enough marvelling at her skills.  I bow down in humbleness at her feet.  [via]

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  • SOG December 11, 2008, 8:27 am

    So that's what it takes to win your heart. Good to know.

    Sniff Sniff


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