Five ways to kill time in the office

We’ve all been there – bunkered down in the foxhole known as a cubicle.? Eyelids glazed over, drool slowly beginning to develop, a pile of work you just don’t have the energy to do, trying to master the art of “alt + tab.”

Tiny earbuds barely protruding so that your boss, let’s call him Stan, doesn’t know you’re rocking out to Motley Crue or Poison (yes, I know I just dropped a reference from the late 80’s but still, c’mon “Nothing But a Good Thing” is killer), you’re keeping your head low so that you don’t catch incoming fire from Sally across the way because Sally will inevitably ask you do to some menial task that is below your intelligence and a waste of your time.

You could easily hide out by the coffee machine or pretend to drop a dookie and instead catch some z’s, but wouldn’t you rather waste time at work by doing something fun instead of surfing around the internet on the four sites that your office doesn’t block out?

Yeah we thought so.?

1. There’s always office soccer.

2. Or office fake-role playing and gun fighting?

3. There’s office crew and just beating up your computer.

4. There’s office chair football.

5. Or you could take the initiate to create your own Office Olympics.? Have a multi-day tournament with several different events, including cubicle hurdling, races, chair diving and whatever else you can come up with.? The idea is to be creative.? A few examples should suffice.

Essentially, I was trying to find this video of Office Pong on YouTube and I couldn’t.? But hopefully now, you have some suggestions to improve the quality of your time at work.

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