Flying Foxes rescued in a storm

A fruit bat colony has been put at risk when hundreds of pups were abandoned by their mother during heavy storms.  More than 300 infant grey-headed flying foxes are being cared for at a bat hospital since they were left to fend for themselves in the last week.

Most are suffering from hypothermia and deydration, and many have been attacked by swarms of flies. “‘Normally, female flying foxes will go to the ends of the earth to save their babies, so it goes to illustrate how bad the storms were,’ said carer Trish Wimberley of the Wildcare Australia centre in Queensland. ‘An ideal way to keep them warm is to wrap them in yellow duster cloths. They are very demanding. We must ensure they are fed every four hours.'”

All well and good.  I just wanted an excuse to run the accompanying photo of the baby fruit bats or flying foxes.  Not really sure how that distinction works out and the article never talks about the difference in nomenclature.  But damn that’s a cute photo.

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