Funniest story ever

We’re not much for TMZ-style celebrity gossip, even if we are secretly glad for Lindsay Lohan and her new found relationship with Samantha Ronson (she looks super duper happy!).

That being said, this story told by Jeff Wells involving an inebriated Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart being taken home by a sober Ashton Kucher and Demi Moore made our morning. You’ll have to read the entire thing, it’ll take 30 seconds.  But oh those glorious thirty-seconds capped off by the image of a drunken Harrison Ford trying to make an omelette for Ashton Kucher.

“You want an omelette? It’ll calm you down.” Uhh, not really, Kutcher replies, having just eaten an hour or so ago. Ford leads him into the kitchen anyway and starts on the omelette. “You want herbs? You want cheese? You want onions?”

I’d let Indiana Jones cook me an omelette any drunken night of the week.

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  • jamesfurbush May 26, 2010, 7:43 pm

    Um, thanks. Not for nothing but I enjoy how you presume all Americans are alike. You should go troll somewhere else.

  • Katzoduro Yamamoto May 26, 2010, 7:26 pm

    Its funny to see how you Americans flock around celebs who themselves are basket cases. Anyone can be a celebraty now, to prove this, I will put up $ 50 Million of my money to make it and star in it. With this budget I will be able to afcourse hire the top stars at the time, come up with a good SyFy script and sell it to one of the majors for much more than what I have put in it and as a bonus, I will become a STAR.

    WOW, big deal, WTF…… Who really gives a crap ?

    That is the difference between a chicken with a brain and a chicken with out one. These so-called celebs are mainly brain dead sacks of self centeredness, thats really all. They dont give a crap about you in any way what so ever, they simply want your money and as a bonus for them, you not only throw your money at them but you also suck their asses, lololololololololololol…..

    You are in reality sheeple, that need to be hurded around because your brain power is so low that you will jump on anything and anyone if it shows you belong to something. Face the facts, you are all empty minded, self repeaters, the dumb leading the moron.

    GET A LIFE !