Funny or Die turns one

Aw, they’re all growns up. The comedy website started by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay turned two today (or it could be one not sure how that officially works. Sort like how China counts their birthday’s strangely? Do I have that right? I could swear Chinese citizens are either a year older or younger than the rest of the world because of how they calculate things… I give up).

That’s a pretty big deal. Not like Ron Burgundy big, but still. The site have become the go to site for original comedy clips, thanks in no small part to the Judd Apatow Players, Will Ferrell and of course, that snuggable three-year-old Pearl.

So that settles that. Looks like it’s turned one. But with the unexpected success comes big plans.

“I always thought we’d be getting a couple hundred thousand hits a month and it’d be a fun thing to screw around with,” McKay says.

Instead, Funny or Die has swelled to include several other sites in the “Or Die” network — including a skateboarding site with Tony Hawk,, and, a more Southern-style comedy site with Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy.

More offshoots are planned, including the soon-to-be-announced with celebrity chefs.

Next week, a redesigned Funny or Die will debut with more blogs and a social networking component.

“The big thing that separates us is the original content,” says McKay. “I don’t think anyone else has the amount of pieces written specifically for the site, with the amount of actors we have.”

McKay says making the videos is “so pain-free”: They’ll dispatch a film crew within hours if someone they know has a good idea for a video, and they will shoot videos quickly and casually before a weekly basketball pickup game.

So what’s been your favorite Funny or Die video? For our money you can’t beat the first “Between Two Ferns” or the “High Five Hollywood” or “The Hills: James Franco and Mila Kunis.” Actually, the “Viral Marketing Backlash” was pretty darn awesome, if for nothing else that watching Justin Long, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson and Paul Rudd playing Rock Band.

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