Google has declared war on the humans


It’s only a matter of time before Google starts using humans as batteries. One can only hope this development is a few years away. Introducing Google Earth 4.3. [via]

The new navigation controls take some getting used to, but once you have the hang of it they offer considerable more control over panning and tilting. Also handy is the new ?North? button which quickly orients your current view by rotating until north is at the top.

The sunrise and sunset movies are also quite impressive. Just fly to a location you?d like to see and click the ?sun? button in the toolbar. That will bring up a small timeline graphic and you can either hit play or drag the timeline slider to watch the day unfold.

I played around with it for a bit and the navigation takes some getting used to, still, it’s pretty frightening/awesome/(insert appropriate adverb of your own).? And if Google does turn everyone into batteries then I want dibs on being Mr. Smith.

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