Happy Birthday roller coasters

Today marks the anniversary of the roller coaster opened in 1884 at Coney Island.? What would the world be like without roller coasters.

For me, I thrill to the excitement of roller coasters and would gladly wait two hours in sweaty lines for the chance to hang upside down at 200 mph, having my brains twisted and banged against my skull, thrown from side to side from G-forces beyond a human’s capacity to protect itself.

I know lots of people love the entire two or three minute spectacle, but for me the most exciting part is the slow ascent up the first long incline.? There is always that moment right as you approach the top of the climb, right before the top and the eventually plunge; it’s almost like hitting the pause button where you take a quick glance at your surroundings your heart pounding in your chest, the anticipation building until you finally fall into that light-speed frenzy of motion sickness.

So here’s to Coney Island and LaMarcus Adna Thompson who started it all here in the States.

Wired has a gallery of the coolest roller coasters in the world. It has become difficult to keep up, since it seems every year sees the opening of another “tallest and faster” coaster in the world.? I don’t need tall and fast, so much, as I want my roller coaster to be “dangerous.”

The Wired gallery seems to have omitted Cedar Point, which is a huge travesty, and also Magic Mountain’s X is reportedly a huge leap forward in coaster design – considered a fourth-dimension coaster.

Does anyone have a favorite roller coaster or a suggestion for ones to check out?

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