Hey Nielsen pop culture trivia challenge


The Sly Oyster was choosen to participate in a pop culture trivia contest, along with several of our favorite sites like Heather, JoBlo, Screen Rant, Paste Magazine, Jambase, etc. for Nielsen. We were all asked to submit three trivia questions in our field of expertise. So you know for us that means lots of Saved By the Bell trivia.

Anyway, you can win a $1000 prize pack which includes a Sony PSP, Apple iPod nano, a one-year subscription to Netflix, and more pop culture goodies. And if you’re not playing for the prizes play to confirm your own superior status as pop culture genius. Some of the questions are pretty tough and you can learn some new trivia facts along the way.

The contest ends April 30, so you’ve got the entire month. Here are the rules if you’re into that sort of thing.

Also, I’m not sure why we were selected, but if feels maybe like we were the last person chosen for dodgeball. Not that we’re complaining cause it’s always nice to be picked and not have to go hangout at the monkey bars with the kids who ride the short bus.

It’s fun!? Go. Now.

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