Hole in one times five

So how good are you at golf?  I’m awful.  I shank balls left and right and spend most of my day hitting out of the woods or the beach.  But you play for that one glorious shot per round.  When you hit it perfectly and the ball does exactly what you want it to do.  I told myself if I ever get a hole-in-one, then I’m just going to lay down my clubs and just walk away.

22-year-old Illinois golfer, Curt Hocker, has knocked dead five holes-in-one in the same week.

“I don’t know what to think,” said Hocker, who works in the club’s pro shop. “After each one I say it’s over, and it keeps happening.”

Friends and family, 15 of whom have witnessed Hocker’s strokes of luck while playing with him, are equally mystified.

“It’s incomprehensible this kind of luck could happen, but it does happen,” said El Paso pro Steve Fulton. “There are other things in life that have been just as weird and eerie that have happened. What are the odds?”

Hocker said he’s just glad that his club membership comes with “hole-in-one insurance.”

That “insurance” means the club — and not Hocker — has to honor the golf tradition of buying everyone in the clubhouse a drink after an ace is made.

This year alone, Hocker has hit seven holes-in-one at El Paso Golf Club and has even recorded two double eagles.  Not too shabby.  Scoring all those free drinks, I mean.  That’s a pretty good scam.

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