How do you spell awkward?

It goes something like this, and take this with a grain of salt since The Sun isn’t exactly known for its journalism integrity, but The Dark Knight star, Christian Bale, aka Batman, was allowed by police to attend the London premiere of the greatest movie in the history of the universe (internet’s description not ours) even though he was wanted for questioning in connection to assaulting his mother and sister.

That’s how you spell it.? Now, this is coming from The Sun and here’s the basis for the story.? Bale’s mother and sister went to lodge a complaint at a Hampshire, UK police station yesterday.? Today, Bale will be brought in for questioning regarding the undisclosed matter.

A Met Police spokesman said: ?We can confirm we have received allegation from another force in relation to an alleged incident in central London.?

Then the story is rounded out with quotes from an unnamed source, never a good thing, and some bullshit background about Ledger’s death.? Still, it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

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