Inside an Emirates Airbus A380

Telstar Logistics got to take a demo flight of the new Emirates A380 leaving our of San Francisco. You know how you always imagine what it should be like to fly on an airplane in your head and it includes showers, a swanky bar, comfortable seating, etc. Well it looks like Emirates Air has heard granted your wishes.

The company flies out of Dubai, so, obviously they do things bigger and better than their American rivals. Generally speaking, the A380 can be configured to carry up to 850 passengers, but this particular plane had room for 399 economy passengers in the lower deck and situated in the upper deck 76 business class seats and 14 first class passengers suites. There was a bar, showers for first class passengers, video cameras on the tail, nose, and underside of the plane that you can watch during the flight, and a relatively soundproof cabin.

Luxurious is how flying should be, instead it’s become herding cattle from one place to the next. Seriously, if American airline companies don’t reconfigure their business model they are going to go the way of the train.

Actually, I think if Amtrak came back with high-speed maglev trains clustered around major city groupings and put a little breathing room/luxury into the trains they would attract lots of people burned out from flying. People don’t want to feel hassled or anxious when they travel but that’s just want Amtrak did and that’s what the airlines are doing now.

Still, that plane looks amazing. Bringing all back home!

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  • Benjamin March 18, 2009, 5:54 am

    you are right. If amtrak just improves their service and punctuality, they can easily put the airlines out of business! Travelling on domestic flights is exactly like herding cattle from one place to the other!