Jordan has nothing on Red

Adidas has teamed up with Hellboy to create the two most badass pair of kicks around.

Outstanding street wear brand Adidas Originals is proud to announce a unique tri-collaboration project for the fall/winter season 2008. It will launch two sneakers to coincide with the global release of the Hellboy II ?The Golden Army? movie in August 2008. The collaboration brings together adidas Originals, Universal Studios & Guillermo Del Toro, the film?s director, and Dark Horse Comics & Mike Mignola, the original comic book artist of Hellboy. Together, this tri-project has produced two outstanding sneakers: the Forum Mid-Golden Army and the Stan Mid-Hellboy.

The Forum Mid-Golden Army takes the court standard and mixes the appropriate trio of gold, black and white with Hellboy lettering across the Velcro strap, with an image of Ron Perlman as the titular demonic anti-hero on the outsole and footbed. Additionally, adidas Originals created a jaw-dropping statement with the Stan Mid-Hellboy in cooperation with Dark Horse Comics & Mike Mignola. The black shoe has the image of Hellboy printed on its side in red and extra details on the inner and outer sole, like a collection of three extra footbeds, plus lace jewels, a mini-comic and unique tongue branding. Both the Forum Mid-Golden Army and the Stan Mid-Hellboy come in a specially designed shoe box and different tissue wrappings, making them true collector pieces.

The shoes will both be released worldwide in a limited edition run, with only 5,000 pairs of the Forum Mid-Golden Army to be sold in adidas Originals stores and other outlets. 1,000 pairs of the Stan Mid-Hellboy will be available.? The demonic shoes will set you back about $100 for the Forum Mid-Golden Army and $150 for the Stan Mid-Hellboy.? I’m totally getting the Forum Mid. [via]

Forum Mid

Stan Mid

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