Jude Law says it’s time to cease fire in Afghanistan

Thanks Jude Law, who while promoting something in Afghanistan asked that all fighting parties lay down their weapons for a day.? Just in case anyone is reading in Afghanistan from a remote mountain cave location, Law is hoping you’ll cease fire on Sept. 21.? And no, this isn’t a headline or article from The Onion but it might as well be right?? Seriously, Jude Law, stop acting like Angie Jolie.? It’s bad enough she’s decided to become the Earth Mother; it’s worse when people like you and Madonna all want to steal her thunder.? [Reuters]

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  • HappyDude September 1, 2008, 10:09 am

    At least Law is doing something about the things that matter to him. What are you doing? Sitting at your computer sneering. Get a life!