Kristin Wiig in GQ

Normally, we’re not really into posting hot-babe pictures (though I’m sure if we did we’d have much higher traffic). But we couldn’t resist when it comes to this photo of SNL-er Kristin Wiig. She’s without a doubt the funniest thing on the show and will become it’s next breakout star. It’s safe to say that without her presence the show would be utterly unwatchable.

And it also goes without saying that we had no idea she was this attractive. Cute yes, but in this picture she is bomb (click to see large version). When she shows up in some bad movie she always leaves an impression enough to say, “who was that?” Like an early Will Ferrell.? And we are constantly surprised to learn it is always Kristen Wiig who leaves that lasting impression. Chameleon? Possibly. Incredibly funny? Goes without saying.

Here’s to hoping she leaves SNL for bigger and better things rather than hang around until her flower has wilted (see: Amy Poehler).? [photo: via]

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