Lego Aircraft Carrier

When I was a yound lad, the only toy I ever really wanted was the G.I. Joe Aircraft Carrier. It was six-feet long of toy greatness, an improbable thing. So improbable that it was discontinued after only a year of existence.

Most kids wanted the toy, but only got to see it through a display window at K.B. Toys or Toys ‘R Us. I was lucky enough to have actually seen one up close; the kid down the street had one. I’m not sure if it was worth the price tag, but shit, it was amazing.

Still, the G.I. Joe Aircraft Carrier has nothing on this LEGO aircraft carrier.

lego-bateauporte-avionsporteavions avions-bateau I have no details on who created it or how long it is or how many Legos were used in creating it. The only real question I have is how long did it take to create this work of art? There are more pictures at the guy’s website and you can see in greater detail what this beauty entails.[via Reddit]

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