LSD and its effects on the creative mind

As a teenager I was always curious about the connection to art and drugs.? Not because I considered myself “an artist” or that I had any predilection for recreational drug use, but because most of the music and books and movies I watched always had some sort of background story wherein the artist was heavily influenced by drugs.

You read enough Hunter S. Thompson or Ken Kesey, listen to any music like Hendrix, The Doors, The Grateful Dead or watch Easy Rider at 14 and you begin to think what gives?

It’s also a curiosity that goes away really quickly, at least for me.? But this was too cool to not share.? An illustrative artist was given heavy doses of LSD and then did a series of nine drawings, each one more under the influence than the previous one.? The entire series is interesting to follow to see how the artist goes from normal to this and then back again.


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