Meet the urbane tomboy

The New York Observer has a terribly reported and perhaps terribly written profile of the “new” women’s fashion trend aptly named “the urbane tomboy.”? Boiled down, they are women who dress comfortably in jeans and t-shirts, possibly hoodies and sneaks and where minimal makeup.? In other words: the perfect girl.

Except the article by Meredith Bryan makes this seem like a crime.? She makes it seem as if these women don’t actually want to be women, that they’d rather be men or worse don’t care enough about their physical appearance to make themselves beautiful for men.? Either way it’s a shit proposition.

It was just a few years ago that everyone was nattering about the metrosexual, the New York man who, though straight, loved his Kiehl?s and Thomas Pink tattersall shirts and is addicted to Grey?s Anatomy. Less discussed has been his female counterpart: gals who, while not lesbians, dress like guys (young guys), well into their 30?s; who leap into games of pickup basketball with male friends while the rest of us watch wanly from the sidelines; who affect a wry detachment from their sex?s conventional concerns of shoe-shopping, man-hunting and family. Think of the comedienne Sarah Silverman, mugging and shrugging and strumming her way through an ?I?m F*cking Matt Damon? video, a birthday gift to her boyfriend, ABC talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel. Or matter-of-fact Juno actress Ellen Page. Or surly pop star Avril Lavigne.

Key to this type is a certain willful na?vet? about the baffling stratagems of conventional female life.

They like to order Scotch at bars, rather than fruity drinks like cosmos; roll their own cigarettes; and profess to not know their way around a powder puff.

Ugh.? Pretty insipid.? Urbane Tomboys might not care enough to prim themselves, but they’ve always been the most enjoyable women to hangout with because they’ve always seemed to be the most comfortable with themselves, who they are, what they like.? They always seem to bring more to the bar table in conversations, etc.? And that’s what makes them sexy.

For Bryan to suggest that there is no gray area, that a women’s only function is to attract a man by dolling themselve up or by not doing so means they want to be a man, is obviously fairly short sighted.

Pulease, women have been dressing like this for decades (especially on the West Coast and in particular California) and to suggest this is some sort of “new” trend, well, I guess she should check out this new thing call the talking picture.

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