Nailed it

From Best Week Ever:

While this hasn’t been done since 1972, when Nixon was President for crying out loud, Drew Carey is amazing apathetic about it. If Bobby Barker had been there he probably would have had a heart attack.

Let me say it again: A man guessed his Showcase Showdown dollar amount EXACTLY right. Yes — on the nose. And it wasn’t like the amount was a round figure, it was $23,743. Unfortch, for the other lady who came within $495, a good guess on any other day.

I think Will Leitch said it best, when he compared this to Slumdog Millionaire (which also points out the fantastical plot elements of the movie).

I’m just going to assume that this segment had already been filmed, and this was a reshoot. What happened in that initial segment?

I’m guessing that Drew Carey, after Terry’s bid was dead-on, called in his secret squad of game-show ethics enforcers, who proceeded to torture Terry into explaining how he cheated. But little did they know! It turns out that Terry grew up in the ghettos of East Hartford, overcoming Dickensian child kidnappers, a vicious drug cartel and his complicated relationship with the older brother who was once his protector. During his whirlwind life, he actually had completely random — but whimsical! — lessons on the price of a Winnebago, a whirlpool spa and the matching dinette set. It was because of his amazing life that he was able to nail down exactly $23,743.

Shame nobody told him there’s no phone call at the end of The Price Is Right. He never did get to call his lifelong paramour, and she was shot in the back of the head and left for dead in a Burbank gutter. He does get to keep the dinette set.

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