NASA launches new science site

NASA has launched a new website devoted to its scientific endeavors and achievements. Back patting and horn tootin’ aside, the site is nicely laid out, easy to navigate and chock full of information for all knowledge levels. There are sections devoted to the Earth, the Sun, the planets and astrophysics, but also their missions and some of the big questions everybody wants answered.


“The Science Mission Directorate (SMD) engages the Nation?s science community, sponsors scientific research, and develops and deploys satellites and probes in collaboration with NASA?s partners around the world to answer fundamental questions requiring the view from and into space. SMD seeks to understand the origins, evolution, and destiny of the universe and to understand the nature of the strange phenomena that shape it.”

For a quasi-government agency always looking for some positive PR (that’s hard to come by given the perception for mission failure rates) this is a giant leap in the right direction. Sorry, couldn’t resist the obvious pun. [via]

Is it too much to ask, however, to put the satellite channel online? I used to watch that thing for hours on end during college. Well, stare aimlessly at is more like it.

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