News parody of John McCain calling his wife a naughty word

Sometimes all we have in this world is comedy sketches.? It’s the only time people can speak the truth and get away with it and not have to justify themselves or pretend to be biases.? Look at John Stewart.? An ongoing subplot for 2008’s general election will be media coverage of the two candidates.

Will it be even?? Probably not.? Journalists love spending time with John McCain on his straight talk express and they love raking Barack Obama over the coals.? I’m not saying it has anything to do with race, well, shit, yes I am.

For a good two months we had to listen to Obama justify his relationship with his pastor Rev. Wright, while McCain’s pastor “problems” were largely ignored and swept under the rug.? But the media is loathsome to do stuff like this.? Bring up 15 or 20 year old events and report them as if they were relevant to today.

So in that tradition, we’ve got John McCain calling his wife Cindy a c*nt 16 years ago.? Relevant to this election?? Absolutely not.? Perfect fodder to lampoon the media and drive home the point that John McCain used the worst word possible (though not to British soccer football fans) once?? Absolutely.

After the jump, because of ah, seedy language.?

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