Not even fisticuffs could get me to watch the WNBA

But it’s close.? Like all things WNBA, though, it just doesn’t compare to the boys.? Lots of shovin’, lots of pushing, a few good takes downs, but unfortunately no one pulled a Kermit Washington.? Though is we had to guess, we think Candace Parker has some potential to go all Kermit on another player and give one of them gals a Rudy Tomjonovich (video evidence).

So Candace Parker was just one of man players involved in Tuesday’s “brawl.”

“I have been covering women’s basketball for 18 years and the WNBA since its inception in 1997, and I have never seen anything even close to this,” ESPN game analyst Doris Burke said. Look, girls will be girls and it was nice to see them take a break from layups and midrange jumpers, but it’s not like there were any good punches landed.

What’s up with the water in Detroit?? Between this and Ron Artest reigning hellfire on the Palace crowd there’s got to be something going on right?

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