Quality not quantity

Jason lists some things that improve quality of life when you spend a little extra to get great stuff. I couldn’t agree more with him on things like kitchen cooking items, bed sheets, a great mattress, etc.  Somethings in life are just worth the investment.

I bought a burr coffee grinder about a year ago.  It was tough dropping $60 (of course now I see it for $40-$50) for a coffee grinder, but it might be the best consumer product I’ve ever bought.  Especially for someone who takes drinking coffee very seriously.  At some point I’m going to upgrade my coffee maker.

Currently, I’m making thoughts in my mind to upgrade my cooking knives.

Anybody have things to add?  What are the things in your life that are worth paying the extra money for something of quality?  Tailored shirts?  Good shoes?  Nice coats?  After-factory car parts?

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