Remember to get outside and enjoy the sun

I love this work from Yorit Yorit, (via Wrong Distance).? There are days when, by my count, I’ll have spent maybe upwards of 15 hours in front of a computer – either at work, on the site, or watching television/movies.? It’s not healthy especially now that the weather is absolutely gorgeous in Portland.

Sometimes, despite feeling the pressure of always being wired and connected and thinking about that next post, you have to remind yourself to just unplug, take a walk, go have a beer down at the pub or catch an impromptu live concert or go swimming or run through a sprinkler.? And really – just engage with the physical world around you.

I could go on about this sort of dichotomy that has been created but I won’t.? It’s boring.? And if you’re reading this, the last thing you want is to feel guilty for doing so.

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