Shinermon Games folds into Treasure Trail Games

Way way back we did a cool interview with an independent board game maker, Colin Leamon, who hails from Cornwall, U.K.? It was a strange chance encounter, but that’s what doing this blog is all about.? Anyway, in the interview Colin admitted that his game company Shinermons Games would probably go out of business if he couldn’t sell some games or find a company to buy him out.

Happily, we have a great update.? Shinermons Games has been bought by Treasure Trails Games, with our good pal Colin as their director.? See look an email from the man himself:

Yes, it?s a great step forward for me! Shinermons Games has closed down and I am now the director of a company that has the finances, marketing and design professionalism to take me further in a couple months than I managed in a couple years! We (TTGS) now have a 8 week trail run of a newspaper puzzle that in its first week got more response than their crossword. Its called Crosstrails; you heard it here first!

As for the future: Well, on May 31-June 1st Treasure Trail Games are going to the UK Games Expo to exhibit our wear, but at the moment its so hectic all I can hope for is a couple games ? ?Get-it?, a garden game, not to sure on the name -? and a great game I did in 20 minutes! A eureka moment I?m calling Shout 7, that has all the makings of a classic. Exciting times!

Can’t wait to see what Colin comes up with and as always we wish him the best.? If you’re looking for a board game you could do much worse than buying one of Colin’s games.? Much, much worse.? They’re classy and challenging and unique., a rarity in today’s board gaming world.

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