Some old fashioned subway excitement

First there was Anna Karenina tragically getting her head cut off by a train. After polishing off that novel, I always wished I was around for someone to committ subway seppuku; alas, that hasn’t been the case so far.

So, tragic deaths aside, much of what passes for entertainment on the subway these days is reduced to homeless dudes looking for a meal ticket, college dudes strumming their guitars to the soothing sounds of Dave Matthews. Is it too much to ask for some originality out of our buskers these days? I mean why not fire baton twirling or midget juggling or how about “Thriller” reenactments?

Well one out of three ain’t bad. Except you have to live in London.

A Transport for London spokesperson said: “There are clearly occasions, like this, when everyone enjoys being entertained by some talented people.

“There are other occasions where inconsiderate behavior can spoil a journey for other passengers. Our message is simply that a little consideration to your fellow passengers can make a real difference to everyone.”

What gets to me though, is that this video’s production values are way too high. Multiple camera angles makes this seem wholly planned and approved by the Tube. Is spontaneity too much to ask for? Sigh.

So better or worse than the Phillipino inmates or Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo and their posse in Thirteen Going on 30? And yes, I’ve seen the movie and um, yes I sorta have a soft spot for it. Oy vey.

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