Take that Screech

So while some ex-Saved By the Bellers are off making bad sex tapes and appearing on trashy Vh1 celebreality programing *cough*cough Dustin Diamond *cough*cough or trying to stay in the acting game, fake-Screech, aka Isaac Lidsky decided to go to Harvard and become a lawyer and now he’s a clerk at the SJC.

“The most amazing thing is that he is blind,” says the reporter. Um, no. The most amazing thing is that instead of ending up a coked out shadow of his former self lying in a pool of Hepatitis C, Lidsky went on to graduate from Harvard Law and become a clerk at the SJC.

Kudos to him. Good story all around. Suck it Screech. Probably helped that no one watched The New Class to which Lidsky was a part of.

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