The NBA it’s faaaantastic

Unless of course you live in Seattle, and you just watched an Oklahoma billionaire steal your 41 year-old franchise.? Basically, the douchey and nefarious Clay Bennett wanted to bring an NBA franchise to Oklahoma City and he pilfered one from Seattle.? A shame really.

Anyways, this isn’t about that tragedy, though more sports writers should be sounding the alarm and other NBA owners should prevent this from happening.? Only Dallas Mavs owner Mark Cuban seems to understand the situation, insisting he’ll be the only owner to vote against moving the team from Seattle.

The Seattle situation aside, this has been a sweet season for the NBA.? One of the best in my short lifetime and not the least of which because my Celtics are relevant again after wandering the forest for 17 years. ? And almost as sweet as the season has been, there have been a few commercials for the NBA that have just gotten my pumped up.?

Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash directed this commercial himself.? And when his ill career ends he clearly has something to fall back on and I’m not talking about soccer.

Here’s Nash again with Dallas Mavs point guard Jason Kidd.? And yeah, that’s Radiohead in the background.

Kobe jumping an Aston Martin, but probs not really.

Bron Bron and KG!

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