The Rock goes one on one with Steve Carrell

The interview between the two isn’t all that great, but it’s slightly strange to see The Rock make the full transformation from WWE superduper star into just a regular actor in Hollywood. The best part of the interview is when they start talking about comedy and Steve Carrell says that the comedy he loves is when you are watching something and the actor/actress doesn’t know they are in a comedy.

Hearing him admit that makes The Office that much better. It also never really dawned on me that that is essentially what his character Michael Scott is all about. It’s not that he’s aloof or an idiot, it’s that he doesn’t know he’s trapped inside a comedy show.

Also:Mel Brooks apparently loved to the movie as well. You’ll remember that Brooks is not only a comedy genius, but he also created the original television show, which the new movie is obviously based upon. So if anyone would be critical of the new movie it would be Brooks and he also knows what funny is.

Get Smart hits theaters June 20. Oh yeah and Anne Hathaway is purdy.

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  • Scott May 22, 2008, 12:58 pm

    I couldn?t agree more with you about Anne Hathaway. There is no way she reciprocates.