The Tron Guy is a PC

Just like Greg Gillis could convince me that PCs are cool, along comes another Microsoft commercial starring The Tron Guy and it has the opposite affect.  I’m selling my PC and buying a Mac.  Thanks Bill Gates!

Without the networks and communities created by the PC, the world might never have even heard of the “Tron Guy” or internet phenomenons just like him,” so says the ad page. But here’s the thing – most people still look at this guy (can’t believe Microsoft couldn’t find a meme from 2008) not like he’s awesome for being a fat guy in spandex and “doing his own thing” but as a kinda pathetic.  Laughing at him, definitely not with him.

I will say, with him being from Minnesota, that state strikes me as something of a cultural oddity.  Can someone get Chuck Klosterman and Rex Sorgatz to co-author an anthropoligical study of the state?

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  • Leopold Stotch November 18, 2008, 12:51 pm

    Heh, Microsoft's new commercials only reinforce Apple's latest one about Microsoft's budget vs. Vista wherein instead of spending their budget on fixing their problems they just pour it all into advertising. And being in advertising, I can tell you, those are some shitty ads. MS should have come up with something original and non-Apple referencing. All they do is bolster that old Shakespeare line 'Doth protest too much'.
    In some way the MS commercials also smack of the Republicans vs Democrats argument.
    Democrats/Apple users are a small 'elitist' minority, while the majority, PC users, are the 'Real' Americans.