The White House Occupents

Nuff said.  The United States, for all it’s bluster about equality and what not, still finds it a big deal for an African-American male or a white female to be elected head of state.  It’s not that it isn’t a big deal, it’s that people in this moment still thought it couldn’t or wouldn’t happen.  I’m not exactly sure what that says about our country — how far we’ve come, etc. — but, what I do know is that I find it disheartening that there was doubt about whether or not Barack or Hillary were electable simply because of who they were and not necessarily what they stood for.

Illustration By Patrick Moberg. The better question is could you name each president based soley on their illustration?  Even as a history major I could only name the ones in the beginning, the ones at the end, the more famous ones.  Mostly the ones in the middle were a bit hazy.  Pathetic on my part.

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