There’s a new sheriff in town

And his name is?? Well let’s just say that thank the lords Dr. Moreau didn’t take Batman and Hancock to the island of misfits and come up with a new creation.

This first-run theater with second-run conditions is within spitting distance of my apartment in Portland.? I saw the change over about two weeks ago at Cinemagic at the intersection of Hawthorne and 20th. and it was the first time I actually felt a pang of sadness for not owning a snazzy camera phone.? Luckily someone did and they passes it along to Shawn Levy, film critic extraordinaire at the Oregonian.

Unfortunately, the Oregonian is a conservative paper and you couldn’t get away with posting this on their website.? So Mr. Levy passed it along to Jeff Wells and my guilt for not having a camera is gone because Jeff posted it to the ever-awesome Hollywood-Elsewhere.

Life is funny sometimes.? So yeah, I can vouch for no photoshop, probably just someone with a good sense of humor doing the marque changeover.

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