Tron Guy buys a custom-built airplane

Yup.? This is the world we live in folks.? Tron Guy, aka Jay Maynard, a 47-year-old Minnesota residence, tricked out an airplane to resemble his Tron unitard he wears.? So a guy who achieved quasi-geek-celebrity made news by buying an airplane and it was reported by media publications and then regurgitated on this blog.

So yeah, we realize we’re part of the problem.? But still, that photo just makes me chortle.? In fact coffee came out my nose this morning when I saw it.

“I wanted a design that would leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that it was Tron Guy’s airplane,” Maynard said in a phone interview Thursday.

Maynard afforded the $140,000 plane with money from his computer consultant business.? Contrary to what many might assume, he has made very little off of his costumed appearances, other than infamy.

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