Two Heineken commercials you’ll see only here

Or the internet, we’re not claiming exclusivity.? But you won’t see these two commercials on television.? As it turns out, the commercials created were not done so by Heineken, even though they are perfect recreations of the look and feel the beer usually goes for.? No, these fake commercials were created by students of the Dutch Hallo Academie.

You could probably imagine if there were created by an advertising agency how the pitch meeting for “Heineken Suicide” and “Heineken Blowjob” must have gone.? Not well, not well.

Unless, of course, I was running Heineken and then you would see a lot more commercials like this.? For a brief second I actually thought about buying a sixer of the almost-always-skunked beer.? It was a passing fancy, not something I would actually do.? But it did make me think what other Heineken commercials they could come up with.

  • Heineken betting scandal starring Tim Donaghey
  • Heineken Congressional subpoena starring Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid? when they realize Karl Rove wasn’t showing up to testify.
  • Heineken Patriots when they realize they just went 18-1 and lost the Super Bowl
  • Heineken Crackwhore starring Amy Winehouse
  • Heineken Heroin starring Pete Doherty

So what do you think, what other Heineken commercials should they make?

“Heineken: Suicide”

“Heineken: Blowjob” obvs NSFW

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