Walking like a penguin and ocean waves waving

I was wasting time this morning watching some Animal Planet show about Antartic penguins.? It was riveting and enthralling stuff, as only shows about penguins can be.? Anyway, for some reason all I could think about was this? old commercial for the New England Aquarium that’s sort of famous for the line “I can walk like a penguin.”? Which if you were a Boston child of the eighties you might appreciate.

So without further ado, here’s that commercial and then another famous one for the Boston Museum of Science.

Of course there’s no dolphin show anymore.? It was deemed to cruel or something so they tossed out the dolphins with the tuna.

Sadly, there was this famous orange shag carpeting at the MOS, which got thrown out.? Probably with the dolphins.? I haven’t been back since.

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