What is special about these numbers

I used to sit in geometry class studying and memorizing Pi, as it was displayed along the classroom walls, since that prospect seemed infinitely more enjoyable than actually learning geometry.? I think I was able to memorize Pi out to over 100 places, unfortunately that’s not exactly a good party trick in high school.

The funny thing is that I eventually grew to love math and numbers, which is especially funny considering in first grade I was doing math homework with my mom and while correcting me she looked at one particular problem and said, “now 7+7 doesn’t equal 15.? Let’s try it again.”? I looked at her and responded with cool ennui, “ah 15 or 14 what’s the difference?? Close enough.”? Anyway, this is like one of her favorite stories to tell about me since it illustrates so much of my personality at such a young age.

So yeah, I found this website totally fascinating.? It’s a look at every number from 0 to 9999 and provides one fact of their specialness.? Some numbers are missing facts.? [via Rex]

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