Why I Love Portland, OR: Reason #64

I love Portland, OR.  It’s the city I always wanted to live in, even when I didn’t know I wanted to live there.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  But coming from Boston, where the winters are nothing but snow, ice and frozen nose-icles, it’s comical how Portland and her surrounding areas shuts down when they get two inches of snow and the temperature drops to about 30 degrees.  Everybody freaks!

People don’t know how to drive with snow on the road.  It’s like mass chaos when the fluffy white stuff rains her hell upon Portland.  My flight on Sunday was one of the only flights out that day because the airport shut down – due to?  You guessed it.  Four inches of snow in an hour.   This video was compiled from the South Waterfront area on Dec. 15.

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