Your face gives away your sexual intentions

I knew it was always the face that gave me away.? And furthermore, I’m glad that there are scientists out there studying these types of phenomena.

A woman can tell at a glance if the man approaching to woo her is merely after her body or wants a more meaningful relationship, a study indicates.

One look at the hopeful man?s face can be enough to provide her with all the clues she needs to decide if marriage or a one-night stand is the most likely end result. Clues to the man?s intentions include the shape of his jaw, the size of his nose and the shape of his eyes, researchers have found.

Present her with a square jaw, small eyes and a large nose, the trademarks of masculinity, and she will know instinctively that she is dealing with a man more interested in short-term gratification than commitment.

Which, when you’re like me – short, pale, man boobs, and slightly doughy – instant gratification is hard to come by.? Or is it?? Is it possible we could trick them into thinking we’re in it for the long haul?

She is more likely to respond favourably to softer, slightly more feminine features than the epitome of masculinity, which she associates with a lack of commitment.

I knew it! It was the man boobs.? Anyway, the findings were reported in the journal of Evolution and Human Behavior.? They surveyed 700 men and women to get their findings on which women I am more likely to want to take home for a one-night stand.

Can you tell which women is likely to make a commitment or sneak out in the middle of the night without cuddling?


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