“You’re Not My Father!”

This has to be one of the bizarrest videos we’ve come across in quite some time. So here’s the deal: the clip begins with a brief scene from Full House where D.J. screams at Uncle Joey, “you’re not my father!” and then Joey plops down on a couch or something. From there we get that same scene recreated by a bunch of amateurs.

The art project comes to us via Paul Slocum, who explains the process in a PDF as thus: “The crews who re-shot the scene were recruited through Internet message boards and Craigslist, and each of the original 10 crews were paid $150. … The project included participants from Austin, Cincinnati, Chicago, Dallas, Denton, London and San Francisco.”

Anyone who was as young as me in the early nineties would probably cop to watching this show after a few beers. Because honestly, Uncle Jesse was the man. I wonder what ever happened to The Rippers.

By the by if the YouTubage is slow head on over and watch the video in quicktime.? H/T: Whitney

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