2010 Olympic Torch looks like a joint

The 2010 Winter Olympics are being held in Vancouver, B.C. — a city known equally for being marijuana friendly and the Canadian Hollywood. 

And apparantly the Olympic committee took the city’s warm-fuzzies for gettin’ high as a reason to design the Olympic torch to look like a joint. 


Shit is hot. 

Composed of stainless steel, aluminum and sheet moulding, the torch was designed to evoke snow, ice, skiing and skating, but to many, the metre-long white torch looks suspiciously like a marijuana joint, especially when lit.

The observation has become so common in this city that it’s hard to know who was the first to say, “Hey, doesn’t that look like …”

But the torch’s resemblance to British Columbia’s biggest cash crop was evident right away to Jodie Emery, editor of Cannabis Culture magazine.

“A lot of people come to Vancouver because it’s marijuana-friendly, so I think people who already enjoy a joint themselves will feel a little more kinship to the Olympics,” said Emery, who ran as a Green party candidate in the provincial election this month.

The alternative, of course, is that the sleek torch is supposed to resemble futuristic skiis.  All I see is a squiggly bullet train, a shiny pen and dental equipment.  Don’t ask, but I love having my teeth cleaned.

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