A friend saves the Patriots’s season

As a Patriots fan, we should all extend a hearty thanks to Robin Leed, sister of Tommy Leed (a member of the Buffalo crew) for rescuing Tom Brady.

Brady’s kayak tipped over on the Charles River and Robin was there to save him.  The best part of this story is not the actual story, but the comment thread over email between all the guys from Buffalo, NY.  They weren’t congratulatory at all, but rather peeved that a Buffalonian would sabotage the Bills season before it began. And that’s why I love the Buff.

To wit:

Wil Shephard: “Dude that’s crazy.  I can’t believe she didn’t let him drown.  Obviously not a real Bills fan.”

And Seamus Gallivan:  “My first reaction was texting Robin to congratulate her on becoming a real American hero. But I’ve since come to regret it and consider her a traitor to her hometown – if she would’ve let him drown, the Pats would have to sign JP Losman, and the Bills would have a much better shot at winning the AFC East, both of which would greatly improve the quality of life for all Buffalonians.”

I can’t wait for football to start back up.

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